Cool Vibes Sound Therapy

A unique Sound Therapy experience developed by Roger which takes advantage of modern technology and ancient sound therapy techniques to give you an effective way of protecting yourself from the environment that we live in today and helping with a myriad of ailments and the dreaded Stress!

Discover the amazing power of Sound Therapy!

So, how does Sound Therapy work?
Noises create shifts in our brainwaves through something called entrainment which is when your brain synchronises it’s waves to an external stimuli’s rythym of frequency.
Aligning your brainwaves to a certain frequency can cause a positive, physiological reaction. This in turn allows the release of nitric acid which is a molecule responsible for expanding blood vessels, increasing blood flow and influencing pain signals
What can Sound Therapy help with?
Sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, cancer, epilepsy, autism, stress, emotional issues and even PTSD are among a long list of things being affected by Sound Therapy.

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Proven to have a positive effect, Sound Therapy promote wellbeing, can aid with stress, mental health issues and pain management to name just a few of the benefits.
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